Olive is a fruit that has been the subject of many legends and myths. The importance of olives has been known to human-being for thousands of years. According to historical sources, the use of olives as food by humans have started about 5000 years ago. The oleuropein organic compound which is found in olives and It gives the olives their bitter tastes and It is a very beneficial structure for the immune system. Oleuropein is also used in the production of many medicines in the health field. Since oleuropein has a polar structure, it is almost insoluble in olive oil. Therefore, oleuropein is found mostly in the flesh of olives.

As İŞÇİ, we are a growing brand that includes all olives derivatives. Our company is olives producer for 30 years and is a supplier in many regions in Turkey. Naturalness and taste are most important things for us. The adventure that starts from the olive tree reaches to the consumer and every step takes place under our control. We make an intense effort to deliver the olives which are grown in our own olive groves to you in the best way possible. Our success in the production of green and black olives derivatives is appreciated by everyone who consumes our olives.
Our products have unique tastes and also have a probiotic structure. The olives we produce are completely natural and there is no chemical residue. We endeavour to protect the nature with the good agricultural practice that we use in our olive groves. Since we produce olives to you without waiting for the lactic acid bacteria’s Oleuropein hydrolysis completely, we ensure that the consumer consumes a healthier and natural products.

One of the main goals of our company is to ensure its success which belongs to the domestic market, in overseas market. Our efforts for this purpose and our R&D studies are continuing meticulously. Considering the European countries, olive consumption is increasing rapidly in the European markets. It is another of our main goals that our products reach as many people as possible. Because we know that we provide people an indispensable taste and naturalness.

We are assertive about our product because we provide you the simplicity and unique flavors that the nature gives us by making small changes. In order to comply with the meaning of our slogan which is called Taste of Nature, we are renewing ourselves day by day and working without giving up to provide better products for you.